Menu card

Enjoy and experience

  • Home pickled salmon with potato salad and black truffle

    14,90 €

    purple mustard cream/Granny Smith apple/leek/cress

  • "Involtini" of tuna

    15,90 €

    Raw marinated tuna filled with tomato cream cheese with basil ice cream/Oregano/Onion Panna Cotta/Caponata (vegetable salad)

  • Classic beef tartar from Black Angus

    15,90 €

    egg/cucumber gel/parsley brioche/onion

  • Asian tacos stuffed with beefed Secreto Iberico of pork

    14,90 €

    with creamy avocado/Chilli/spring onion

  • Crispy Cannelloni filled with raw tartar of Sóller prawns

    5,50 €

    Gazpacho foam/green olive crumble/salad

  • King Prawn (120 gr.) "Oriental" with hummus and stuffed pak choi

    16,90 €

    salad from bulgur and dry fruits/tamarind cream/red soy chili paste/parsley oil

  • Mallorcan Serviola Fish (yellow tail fish) marinated in beetroot

    14,90 €

    with smoked egg yolk cream/dill sorbet/parsley-bread crunch

  • Malaysian double deep fried Butter-honey-peanut chicken

    13,90 €

    with ginger/roasted garlic/Spring onion/Sesame/soy sauce

  • Vietnamese salad with braised pancetta of pork and cashews

    14,90 €

    Bean sprouts/Hoisin dressing/marinated asian vegetables/coriander/sesame

  • "False cold Paella" scallop and paella balls in cold paella broth

    14,90 €

    with fennel puree/puffed rice/saffron/herbal oil/sugar peas

  • Pulpo a la Gallega "Es Passeig Style" octopus with potato terrine

    14,90 €

    Paprika de la vera/Tomato-orange chutney/Paprika reduction

  • Spaghettis turned in a Parmesan wheel with black truffle

    19,90 €

    truffle sauce/chives

  • Braised Mallorcan suckling pig with sweet and sour garden vegetables

    23,90 €

    Peas/radish/chanterelle mushrooms/mustard cream/Suckling pig croquette

  • Roasted fillet of Majorcan hake with sea food crust

    23,90 €

    Shrimp sauce/cauliflower puree/roasted almonds

  • Classic beef tartar from Black Angus

    23,90 €

    egg/cucumber gel/parsley brioche/onion

  • Monkfish medallion sous vide cooked with gremolata (herb-garlic-lemon)

    24,90 €

    and grilled zucchini/tomato/sage butter/home-baked focaccia bread/serrano ham

  • Roasted lamb fillets with white aubergine cream/black olive sails

    25,90 €

    Tomato dust/arugula/sous vide cooked aubergine

  • Roasted chanterelles mushrooms with creamy potato-celery puree

    17,90 €

    sugar peas/smoked aioli/leek/carrot/yolk

  • Stuffed beef fillet rolls with gorgonzola, rocket salad and sun-dried tomatoes

    26,90 €

    Garlic tagliatelle/basil sauce/artichokes/onion sweet and sour

  • Kids breaded chicken escalope (schnitzel) with french fries

    10,90 €

  • French fries

    3,90 €

  • Pasta with butter and parmesan cheese

    7,50 €

  • Pasta with bolognese sauce and parmesan cheese

    10,90 €

  • Mascarpone Cannelloni with Tonka Bean Ice Cream Strawberries/Tonka Bean Tartlet

    9,90 €

  • Tiramisu "Es Passeig Style"

    9,90 €

    Milk coffee ice cream/mascarpone foam/chocolate biscuit Coffee sauce/chocolate pastry

  • Sorbet of Sóller lemons with orange vodka

    6,90 €

  • Marinated white peach with almond brittle/Crumble

    9,90 €

    Peach Granitée/Creme Fraiche/Verveine Sorbet

  • Spanish Mahón cheese with quince jelly and home baked fruit bread

    11,00 €

  • Warm chocolate fondant

    11,00 €

    with strawberry ragout and pistachio ice cream