Menu card

Enjoy and experience

  • On the table smoked aubergine with chorizo-honey cream and olive

    14,90 €

    Thyme/chorizo sausage/aubergine/garlic sailing

  • Short roasted raw tataki of beef fillet with mushrooms and pumpkin

    15,90 €

    Vinaigrette of cress and lettuce/radishes/herbs

  • Torn taco with raw marinated tuna/avocado/black beans

    14,90 €

    Spring Onion/Mexican Mole Sauce/Tomato/Cucumber/Coriander/Shrimp chip

  • Espuma of feta cheese with marinated mangetout and green asparagus

    12,90 €

    Tomato Chutney/Basil sorbet/Foccacia bread/Rucola oil/Salad

  • King Prawn (120 gr.) "Oriental" with hummus and stuffed pak choi

    16,90 €

    salad from bulgur and dry fruits/tamarind cream/red soy chili paste/parsley oil

  • Foie Gras Terrine of the duck with homemade brioche bread

    16,90 €

    Apple gel/onion jam/marinated apple/fried onion

  • Steamed Duck Dim Sum in Mirini Asia broth with Shiitake mushrooms

    13,90 €

  • Salad of sweet and sour pumpkin with pomegranate and smoked cottage cheese

    14,90 €

    Pumpkin seeds/lettuce hearts

  • Open California Roll "Es Passeig Style" with prawns from Sóller

    15,90 €

    Avocado/Lime Vinaigrette/Sushi rice/Forest honey/Wasabi/Cod foam

  • Omlette with marinated lobster salad and herb cheese

    15,90 €

    Asparagus/Red onion/Flying fish caviar/chives

  • Roasted scallops with spinach and sweet corn puree

    24,90 €

    Parmesan/red wine onions/roasted almonds

  • Oriental poussin with fruity chickpea ragout

    21,90 €

    Spice sauce/chickpeas croquette/lettuce/marinated cream cheese

  • Roasted fillet of Majorcan hake with sea food crust

    23,90 €

    Shrimp sauce/cauliflower puree/roasted almonds

  • Roasted entrecote of veal with pumpkin puree and black pudding crumble

    25,90 €

    coleslaw/mustard/pumpkin seed oil/pearl onion

  • "Pluma de Secreto Ibérico" Iberian porc steak with pepper sauce

    22,90 €

    Nut butter/bacon/mimolette cheese/mashed potatoes

  • Kids breaded chicken escalope (schnitzel) with french fries

    10,90 €

  • French fries

    3,90 €

  • Pasta with butter and parmesan cheese

    7,50 €

  • Pasta with bolognese sauce and parmesan cheese

    10,90 €

  • Mallorcan figs with puff pastry

    9,90 €

    Oriental Coffee Cream and Port Wine Berries Gel

  • Tiramisu "Es Passeig Style"

    9,90 €

    Milk coffee ice cream/mascarpone foam/chocolate biscuit Coffee sauce/chocolate pastry

  • Sorbet of Sóller lemons with orange vodka

    6,90 €

  • Balinese coffee time: Donut with lemongrass-white

    9,90 €

    chocolate filling/coffee from roasted pineapple pineapple lime Chutney/sorbet from the pineapple

  • Spanish Mahón cheese with quince jelly and home baked fruit bread

    11,00 €

  • Warm chocolate fondant

    11,00 €

    with pear and wild berry sorbet