Menu card

Enjoy and experience

  • Our mini world tour for two people

    23,80 €

    a small starter variation, have fun with it.

  • “Vegetarian“ Marinated lettuce hearts with oranges from Sóller

    9,90 €

    Herbal cream, orange vinaigrette, fermented garlic, olives and amaranth

  • Lukewarm marinated suckling pig with horseradish ice cream,

    13,90 €

    Apple-leek salad, radishes, watercress and bacon hollandaise

  • Octopus in Mediterranean tempura dough with paprika cream

    14,90 €

    gazpacho soup and herbal gel

  • Open sushi with tuna spaghetti, lemongrass-ginger, avocado, nori powder

    15,90 €

    kimchi mayonnese, shitakee sugo, wood sorrel, sesame and wasabi

  • Side portion of truffle potatoes

    6,90 €

    with truffled mayonnaise, parmesan and chives

  • 3 crispy, cold Cannelloni filled with raw tartar of prawns of Sóller and green pepper sauce

    16,90 €

  • Bao Bun tacos filled with pulled pork, coleslaw

    13,00 €

    and smoked jalapeño roasted-onion cream

  • Our raw beef steak tartare of Angus Beef 100 g tartare

    15,50 €

    freshly made, served with toasted bread

  • Spaghettis turned in a Parmesan wheel with black truffle

    19,90 €

    truffle sauce/chives

  • Pad Thai rice noodles with prawns, Asian vegetables, garlic, egg

    16,90 €

    peanut, soy, chilli and coriander

  • Filet of Mediterranean fish with snow peas and bean ragout, king oyster mushrooms

    24,90 €

    chickpeas fries and warm bacon mayonnaise

  • Oriental scallops with pak choi, lobster sugo, dried fruits, couscous and pecan nut crunch

    23,90 €

  • Filet of Beef au gratin with Dijon mustard crust and “deluxe potato snow”

    26,90 €

    green asparagus, nut butter, shallots, creme fraiche and mimolette cheese

  • “Mallorca a Lima“ Pluma from the Iberian acorn pig with black bean puree and green chilli

    23,90 €

    spring onions, lime, coriander, onion and spinach salad

  • Our raw beef steak tartare of Angus Beef 180 g tartare

    24,50 €

    freshly made, served with toasted bread

  • Side portion of truffle fries

    6,90 €

    with truffled mayonnaise, parmesan and chives

  • Kids breaded chicken escalope (schnitzel) with french fries

    10,90 €

  • French fries

    3,90 €

  • Pasta with butter and parmesan cheese

    7,50 €

  • Pasta with bolognese sauce and parmesan cheese

    10,90 €

  • Dessert asortment

    6,50 €