Menu card

Enjoy and experience

  • Our mini world tour

    12,50 €

    a small starter variation, have fun with it.

  • Three mini Magic Vegeterian Burgers

    11,90 €

    with Merengue, dashi, shiitake, falafel, sweet and sour onion, mimolet cheese sauce

  • Whole potato cooked in a herb-salt coating with Beurre blanc coffee sauce

    11,90 €

    braised Noilly Prat Vermouth shallots and spinach cream

  • Garden herb croquettes with charcoal paprika cream and chives

    7,50 €

  • Glazed Oven Carrot with Roquefort Dip and Cottage Cheese Cream

    6,90 €

  • Marinated lettuce hearts with oranges from Sóller

    10,90 €

    Herbal cream, orange vinaigrette, fermented garlic and amaranth

  • Side portion of truffle fries

    6,90 €

    with truffled mayonnaise, parmesan and chives

  • Vegetarian eggplant skull in Mallorquin pirate style

    13,90 €

    Mushroom Dashi, Red Pepper Reduction, Marinated Zucchini, Herb Oil, Feta, Garlic Croutons

  • 60 minutes sous vide cooked free range chicken egg in sesame ramen broth with miso

    12,90 €

    Chili, enoki mushrooms, pak choi, sprouts, soy sauce, ginger and snow peas

  • Hummus with sesame, Moroccan aubergine, garlic yoghurt,

    8,90 €

    cumin, herb oil and Papadum

  • Flamed leek with semi-liquid mashed potatoes, parsley oil, almond brittle and potato sail

    9,90 €

  • 3 crispy, cold Cannelloni filled with raw tartar of prawns of Sóller and green pepper sauce

    16,90 €

  • Open sushi with marinated tuna, lemongrass-ginger, avocado, nori powder

    13,90 €

    kimchi mayonnese, shitakee sugo, wood sorrel, sesame and wasabi

  • Turbot fillet in cassis pepper tempura batter, cauliflower puree

    13,90 €

    tamarind gel, roasted cauliflower florets, pine nut butter and chives

  • Roasted octopus with Mexican ash sauce, paprika reduction

    12,90 €

    crispy potatoes, herb oil and smoked paprika

  • Purple corn tacos with yellowtail fish ceviche and saffron cockle sauce

    10,90 €

    chilli threads, onions, asparagus julienne, lemon Crème fraîche and puffed rice

  • Creamy curry lentils with flambéed monkfish and teriyaki marinade

    13,90 €

    salad of bean sprouts, ginger and snow peas

  • Our raw beef steak tartare of Angus Beef 100 g tartare

    15,50 €

    freshly made, served with toasted bread

  • Our raw beef steak tartare of Angus Beef 180 g tartare

    24,50 €

    freshly made, served with toasted bread

  • Bao Buns filled with pulled pork, coleslaw

    13,00 €

    and smoked jalapeño roasted-onion cream

  • "Pollo campero" roasted free-range chicken with Majorcan oranges, sobrasada, honey, rosemary and crispy suckling pig pop

    13,90 €

  • 72 hours sous vide cooked neck of beef with Cafe de Paris sauce

    14,90 €

    and celery in two textures

  • Duck gyozas smoked at the table in a ceviche broth with peanut sauce

    10,90 €

    spring leek, fried garlic and red wine onion chutney

  • Spanish chorizo croquettes with charcoal paprika sauce and chives

    7,50 €

  • Spaghettis turned in a Parmesan wheel with black truffle

    19,90 €

    truffle sauce/chives

  • Small Portion of Spaghettis turned in a Parmesan wheel with black truffle

    13,90 €

    truffle sauce and chives

  • Dessert asortment

    6,90 €

  • Aged Spanish manchego cheese with quince jelly

    6,90 €

  • French fries

    3,90 €

  • Meatballs with french fries

    10,90 €

  • Pasta with butter and parmesan cheese

    7,50 €

  • Pasta with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese

    10,90 €