and how it all started...

Marcel and Yvonne

"To cook well you do not have to be expensive" – with this motto in 2005, the idea was born to open a restaurant on Mallorca. Of course, we have evolved in recent years and perhaps some would say that earlier everything was simpler and therefore better ... but the success and approval of many regulars makes us believe that we are on the right track. Every year we try to make our guests happy with our team of mainly long-term employees in a short and hard summer season. It's not always easy, but if we get positive feedback from our guests at the end of the day, you can say that's what drives and motivates us.

Our small restaurant is located on the seafront in Puerto de Sóller, surrounded by the beautiful Tramuntana mountains. It is also called the Orange Valley... we have the luxury to work with the whole range of produce of Mallorca and the Mediterranean and to achieve the best possible result for our guests by providing the freshest products daily. We have a large selection of top Spanish products from selected farmers and suppliers with whom we work successfully.

In my years learning my trade ...

  • Steigenberger Aachen Quellenhof
  • Bayreuth Festival
  • Bellevue Palace Bern / Switzerland
  • Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof Restaurant Français (1 Michelin star)
  • Hotel Lehrbach Restaurant Dieter Müller (3 Michelin stars)
  • Restaurant Ca's Puers Sóller (1 Michelin star)

... one thing became clearer to me - cooking brings me nothing if I have no confidence in the service. Fortunately, in 2002, I met my wife Yvonne in Sóller, with whom I plunged into the adventure of self-employment in Mallorca.

Thank you for your interest in reading everything and not giving up. We and the whole team of the restaurant Es Passeig would be pleased to welcome you as guests.

Marcel & Yvonne Battenberg

See you, with sunny greetings
your Es Passeig