Fresh, Mediterranean, creative

These are the ingredients which have to be part in every dish of the chef Marcel. No matter if it is fish, seafood or something hearty from the grill - the sea right in front of the restaurant marks the trend.

The pleasure starts at lunch time. Following the Spanish tradition, the Restaurant Es Passeig offers a variety of local "tapas" which are affordable for any type of guest. Obviously, even here the quality and the taste of the food is all that matters. The lunch is accompanied by the waves of the sea moving gentle against the beach and the palms bending lightly in the wind.

Our lunch and dinner menus offer a wide selection of Mediterranean dishes; special wishes will be prepared for you if you ask Marcel in time. All our dishes are prepared with the best local ingredients and we always try to bring some new ideas in our kitchen art.

You like to have an example?

What about a beef carpacchio served on a light foam of Parmesan cheese, which will delight your palate in such a different way. Served with a fresh white wine from Macia Batle (and never a red one as it´s just too heavy for the lightness of the cheese foam).

After this, we recommend a Mediterranean fish. Dorada, serviola or gilthead. Depending what the fishermen bring in. It´s taste we accompany by a Ratatouille of chanterelles, only lightly spiced. Another glass of Macia Batle, or rather one of the latest Cabernet Sauvignon?

Our coconut ravioli, with a thin chocolate layer, will finish you off. Not literaly, of course. But after this, only a café cortado and a Spanish brandy can round off this festival of tastes.

Look forward to it. So do we.

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